July 1, 2010

No More Yelling

(I found this on my camera after a particularly trying day)

This is kind of an embarrassing post to write.  I almost didn’t do it, but then the sneaky little reminder in my head told me that confession is a good thing.  We even had a sermon on it last Sunday.  If you want to say goodbye to the sin in your life, confess it.  So here goes.

Today I have a goal:  no yelling.  For me.  At all. 

Before I was a mom, I never pictured myself losing my patience so quickly and letting my frustration escalate into yelling.  “STOP HITTING YOUR BROTHER!”  “YOU ARE INTERRUPTING, AGAIN!”  “YOU DON’T GET THIS STICK ANYMORE BECAUSE YOU POKED YOUR BROTHER IN THE EYE WITH IT!” Now sometimes, these moments of nastiness, aren’t always yelling, in true yelling fashion, but I definitely don’t express them in a kind and loving way.  It’s not right.

My job, my mission in life, is to guide my family in a kind and loving way.  If I’m not patient with them, if I’m yelling at them, I’m not doing my job right.  I’m not doing my job at all.

I can give you all sorts of excuses, but I won’t.  That’s not a solution; it’s a cover-up.

Tim and I talked about it last night.  We have a game plan to reduce the triggers that poke holes in our patience.  We are going to do everything we can to enjoy our time with our boys.  This stage is a fleeting moment, we know.  We are determined to savor it. 

This morning I sat both the boys down, confessed to them, apologized and asked for their forgiveness.  Of course they obliged.  Kids do that.

I’ve already been challenged today.  SOMEONE lost all emotional control when he couldn’t bring his car bin down the stairs.  SOMEONE kicked his brother.  SOMEONE tattle-taled. 

Even though this is a trying stage of our life, I don’t want to waste it by creating an environment of tension.  I want this time when I’m at home with my boys to be positive,  even when one pokes his brother in the eye with a stick.


Calm direction.

No more yelling.


Stacey L said...

Cheering for you, you awesome mommy you. Appreciate your honesty and your loving heart for those two little boys.

Anonymous said...

In this, the day in which you find yourself remember, yesterday is the past and tomorrow is the future today is a gift that is why it's called the present....open your present each day with love and remember all to quickly it will become the past. Love you Meemaw

Anonymous said...

That's a great saying Ellen. Life can be difficult and we have to start fresh all over again somedays. You go Girl! Love, Mom