June 5, 2010

Cheapo Summer Fun

This summer, we have a mission.  
Creating Summer fun for either free or really cheap.
If you have any suggestions, we are all ears.

The other day it was rainy and crummy outside.
Tim and I threw around the idea of going out to see a movie, but when you add it all up, it's kind of expensive to take four of us to the movies.
So Tim and I decided to turn our house into a movie theater.

First, we did a little secretive preparation:

Then I took the boys outside and told them that our house was now deemed a movie theater.

We gave them some pocket change to buy their tickets and concessions.


Then the Ticket-Taker ran upstairs to man his ticket-taking-booth.

He wouldn't even let me in without a ticket!


Kamille Corrina said...

What a fantastic idea! It's moments like this that create wonderful stories & memories--even more than the theater. A simple idea is having a picnic indoors--doing all the outdoor picnic things. Puddle jumping is another favorite.

I know in Bellingham during the summer the movie theater offers free movies in the morning on one or two days a week for families. They are old movies, but still fun.Wonder if your town has something like that.

Lindsey said...

What a good idea Kamille. I'm going to call around to see if the movie theaters around here have that. I'm going to use the picnic and puddle jumping ideas too. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea, they looked like they had fun. Restaraunt night is fun too. Let the kids order from an easy menu, and then prepare and serve it.. Also by some cheap plastic glasses, and set the table with silverware rolled in napkins. Love ya Meemaw

Pure Mama said...

You are too cute! This is a fantastic idea... movies are expensive! And your snacks sound a lot better and much more healthy :) Good job mama!

Anonymous said...

We used to play restaurant at dinner time. Choose from menus...there would only be one choise but you would get seated and it would be fancy and have fancy cups and menus and cloth napkins. Get seated at the table.

You could make silly putty too...I love doing that in my classroom.