May 9, 2010


Motherhood is not about being a gourmet chef.
It’s about showing your daughter the secrets on how to make perfect chocolate chip cookies.

Motherhood is not about sleep.
It’s about the lack thereof and offering to get up with the grandbabies when your daughter-in-law is sleeping in your guest bed.

Motherhood is not about having it all together.
It’s about teaching your daughter how to sew on a button so when her husband frantically comes to her two minutes before leaving for work, she can kiss him goodbye on time and all put together.

Motherhood is not about lecturing.
It’s being available 24/7 to listen on the phone when your daughter-in-law is at her wits end with two little boys.  She’s been there, done that.

Motherhood is not about genes.
It’s about showing your daughter how to hem pants because you’ve given her the shortest legs known to woman.

Motherhood is not only about wearing spit up and snot on your shoulders.
It’s about changing your daughter’s dreaded eye patch and driving across the state to take care of your son’s surfboard-fin-size leg wound.

Motherhood is not just about being there during the good and bad times.
It’s being there during the horrible times when your grandson has way too many i.v.’s and tubes hooked up to his 2 day old body.

Motherhood is not about being patient all the time.
It’s about knowing how to keep sane during the tantrums, when to ask for a break and trying your best to be patient all the times in between.

Motherhood is not about being just a mother.
It’s knowing how to be a mother and a father together.

Motherhood is not about perfection.
It’s about recognizing the imperfection in all of us and showing your children The Rescuer.

Happy Mother’s Day Moms


Kamille Corrina said...

wonderfully & beautifully put!

Pure Mama said...

That. Is fantastic. How perfect. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you sweetheart, Motherhood is a wonderful thing, and you have stated it so well.
I Love You!