May 16, 2010

Jack's Birthday Play-By-Play

8:00am: Jack wakes up and gets sung to by Daddy then Meemaw and Papa.  He also gets a Happy Bday text from Auntie Ryna in Haiti.

8:15am: The Frank the Combine cake is revealed.  He grins from ear to ear.
10:00am: Jack is so excited for the hotel he requests to pack his bags.  He shoves everything into his Cars backpack.  He wears the backpack around for the next two hours.

10:30am: Daddy comes home on his lunch break so Jack won't have to wait until the evening to open up his presents.  Good thing Papa, Nana, Papa and Meemaw got him good presents because the dinosaur Mommy and Daddy got him (and one he requested) freaks him out.  He can't be near it and needs to be held if he has to walk by it.

11:45am: Luke plays with the dinosaur enough to show Jack that it's safe.  Now he can be in the same room as it without being held.
12:41pm: Jack is actually playing with the dinosaur and wants to bring it to the hotel.
1:45pm:  A birthday nap.

4: 35pm: Nana wishes Jackie Happy Birthday on the phone.

4:45pm:  Pick up Little Caesar's.

5:03pm: Check into the Hyatt.  We get the top floor, whoo hooo!
5:09pm:  The birthday boy gets to push the elevator button.  He almost pushes the alarm button, like he does EVERY time he goes into an elevator.

5: 14pm:  We arrive to room 405.  It has a balloon on the door and a basket inside complete with a chocolate chip cookie and bottle of Pepsi.  Luke and Jack start bouncing off the walls.
5:20pm: Pizza time.
5: 47pm: Pool time.  (We miss Papa's birthday wish but we get to broadcast the entire voicemail message across the hotel room.)

7:51pm: Luke poses.
7:58pm: Movie time.  (Surprisingly, he didn't pick Cars, he wanted to watch The Land Before Time.)


Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhh, that sounds like he had such a good time! Here's to a great year! Love you,

Anonymous said...

What a birthday, what a boy. Love ya noonie Meemaw