April 15, 2010

Little Boys' Mother

In my journey of being first Luke's mother, then Jack's, I have been enlightened on the wonders of what it means to be a little boy. Here are some of the things I've learned:

*Modes of transportation are king.
*Whether or not you choose to buy boys guns, they will create them out of anything they find.
*No matter how much you clean, scrub and sanitize their bathroom, it always smells of urine.
*Don't ever put a rug by the toilet, it looks cute, but refer to the bullet above.
*Bodily functions really are funny.
*Empathy, sympathy, cuddles and sweet words are not only relegated to girls.
*Dirty, sweaty and grass stained is the best way to be.
*Everything gets broken. Super glue is my best friend.
*It's never to early to teach them the ways of being a gentlemen (they really do want to open the door for Mommy even though it's a little heavy).
*Daddy knows everything, can fix anything and has super awesome muscles because he is the strongest man in the whole wide world.

My education of being little boys' mother is far from over. What's it like to be a little girl's mother? How about a big boy's mother? Enlighten me.


em said...

From a mom of 2 little girls:
- they will drink anything, if it is in a pretty tea cup.
- it doesn't matter if it's cold & raining, sundresses are for all seasons.
- they can't wait to be mommies, so they try to nurture others in any way possible (nursing their dolls is the best one i've seen, so far!)
- oh, and, just like little boys -- daddy is the strongest person in the whole wide world and can fix anything. ;)

Kamille said...

First off--I loved reading what you've learned & what having two boys is like. Then there's me with my two girls. I have found that my two girls love being sisters, they equally enjoy getting dirty (not just a boy thing), they favor mama & think my kisses are magic, role playing/imagination/dress up are a must, dresses & things pink really make you even more beautiful, making & pretending to make food is fascinating. Those are some of the things that come to mind.

Anonymous said...

Little girls will sit quietly, little angels, listen to the whole book, love having their hair fixed (most girls :-) if they are in the mood, play in the back yard with other kids with no problems, also like to get muddy and dirty on occasion, play softball, go shopping and goof off in the center of the rack of clothes, and love their mom and dad.
Love, Mom