April 10, 2010

Building Clinic

We recently found out that on certain Saturdays Lowe's and Home Depot put on kid's clinics. The best part about it, besides quality time and lots of fun: it's totally FREE!   Call your local store for the dates and times.
Last Saturday it was Home Depot's turn.  When we got there the boys got their own orange apron and materials to build a butterfly house.  They turned out pretty great, I must say.  After they finished they got a pin to put on their apron showing they completed their project.
Being the responsible parents we are, we let them put their pins on their aprons.  The next day, of course, Jack figured out how to take the pin off and promptly stepped on it.  Awesome.



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Anonymous said...

Way to go little builders! Builder Bob would be proud of you and so wouls Handy manny. Meemaw and Papa sure Are:)