March 22, 2010

There is Always a Method

To Jack’s Madness.

Disclaimer:  The following involves discussions of poop, potty training and tears so if you get queasy easily, stop reading.

Yesterday was rough.

Even though we started our potty training experience with Jack about a week ago, we really truly hadn’t started until yesterday.  I researched all the possible ways of potty training when Luke was ready and was sold on the cold turkey method.  This involves going straight from diapers to underwear and never going back.  It worked so well with Luke, I decided to try it with Jack.

Then came fevers, sickness, and outings.  So last week was really a transition from diapers to pull-ups, which isn’t really any sort of transition at all.

I have known that Jack has been ready for potty training for a while so yesterday was do or die.  Yesterday I was determined.  Not determined to make Jack be potty trained but determined to stay firm, not give in.  I had a flurry of misgivings, “Maybe he’s not ready.  Should I go buy more diapers and wait until later?”  My stubbornness won out. 

This stubbornness I speak about got passed down to Jack and doubled resulting from a gift given also by Tim.  That exact stubbornness is what made our day so difficult.  According to my dad, who I called for some distraction yesterday, this stubbornness can be a good thing at times and a bad thing at others. 

Yesterday, Jack woke up crying and didn’t stop.  Everything was a struggle.  He didn’t want to get dressed, he didn’t want to eat all his cereal, he didn’t want to take a nap.  I was so looking forward to naptime because I could put all this strain off for a couple hours, get refreshed, and start again. 

The whole week previously, when we actually were trying, Jack refused to even sit on the toilet.  Same went for yesterday.  He had an accident in the morning and got really upset.  I had a sneaking hunch that this was sort of a break through because he hadn’t cared at all about getting wet and changing his clothes before. 

Back to naptime.  Luke didn’t sleep and Jack woke up after thirty minutes.  A bust.  Not only did naptime not happen, Jack woke up and was screaming and crying which lasted for two hours straight.  Stupid me, I just thought he was being a butt because he was so tired and having a bad day. 

Then it clicked.

He was actually sick because he had to poop but didn’t want to do the deed in his underwear OR on the toilet.  I tried everything I could think of, holding him over the toilet, reading a book while he sat there, just hanging out in the bathroom, etc.  All to no avail and it was met with extreme resistance.

Finally I bribed him with buying a new car if he pooped in the toilet (I am not above bribing, especially when it comes to potty training).  This actually stopped the tears and he actually willingly sat on the toilet.  Still he didn’t want to do it.  Dang stubbornness!

Then, alas, with angels singing and the Hallelujah Chorus singing in the background, he couldn’t hold it anymore.  Most of it ended up on the bathroom rug but I quickly moved him to the toilet and he finished his business there!  He did it!  And I’m going out today to buy him a car.  He has requested Red, the fire engine from Cars, and that is exactly what he will get.

Jack’s never grumpy for nothing.  There is always a reason.  Yesterday it was poop.


Kamille Corrina said...

what a trial and good job in knowing your boy. I enjoy reading about what's going on with your family & I honestly want to hang out with Jack & Luke some afternoon, because I think I would be laughing quite a bit.

Anonymous said...

Well it's a start and we all have to begin somewhere and he is started. It will get better and hopefully Jackanoonie will start liking the idea. Love ya meemaw