February 12, 2010

No One

No one prepares you for how hard parenthood is.

The Good Lord blesses grandparents with partial amnesia of how you REALLY were as a child.  This is a good thing because it means they will actually offer to babysit.

Your friends and colleagues without kids have no frickin idea.

Everybody with kids doesn't want to admit how hard it is because that might mean we aren't doing the job right.  Nobody wants to admit that they are at their wits end some days.  Some days their kids wallop, bite and smack each other.  No one wants to admit that some days their kids respond with crazy attitude.  Where did they learn that?  No one wants to admit that their bag is devoid of tricks.

I'm not going to admit that.  Well, maybe, I just did.


Kamille said...

keep being honest. I agree with it all. kamille

Anonymous said...

Why do you think I went to work once a week?? To get out of the house :-) It revived me, just getting that little break.
Don't forget we can babysit at the end of April.
Love you,
Mom / Nana