February 18, 2010

Jana's Visit

We had such great time with Jana and miss her already.  Luke woke me up yesterday at 5am crying and told me he missed Jana so much.

We spent our time riding bikes at the park, shopping at Target (of course!), making pizza, going to church and eating Krispy Kreme, among other things. We also spent a lot of time getting some good old fashioned hanging out in the mix.

We made a new discovery of a fun place to play in Planet Kid.
Luke played with us for about .05 seconds before finding some seven year old girls to chase.
Then Jack got stuck trying to find Luke.
Still searching for Luke.
Then Jana got stuck.
Then I rescued her.
Later, something flew by us that we realized was a cute little girl chaser.
At last, Jack was a happy boy because he found his big brother.

On Valentine's Day Jana kicked Tim and I out of the house for a date while she had two very handsome dates of her own.
We can't wait until we see Jana again because her and Emmett's little bugger will have made it's appearance into the world.  By the way, Luke thinks it will be a boy and he wants them to name it Luke.   

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