February 21, 2010

Busting a Gut

At one point during lunch yesterday, all four of us were trying not to choke on our food because we were laughing so hard.  Tim said something goofy, of course, and that triggered the laughing fit.  My stomach hurt so bad by the end of lunch.  It was a good hurt.

That little humorous episode brought me back to several dinner times in the Hansen household.  I can't even remember what we were laughing about but I do distinctly remember my mom's high pitched giggle that would raise an octave every few seconds.  I can picture food coming out of Ryna's mouth as she didn't manage to swallow before beginning to laugh.  One time my dad was laughing so hard he rolled off his chair and onto the floor.  Quality memories for sure.

I know the boys are a little young right now, but I sure hope they can remember even an inkling of the tummy pain that comes from laughing so hard you don't know when you'll stop.

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Anonymous said...

I'm definetly a soprano! Very good memories :-)! I see you are feeling better, I'm glad.
Love you,